What It Is

A strategic plan must be a “living document” that adjusts as the organization changes. Periodic reviews help to ensure that the IT strategic plan is still aligned with the organizational strategic plan. For a fixed annual price, I will review and update your IT strategic plan to keep it aligned with the organization, making certain to revisit the People, Processes, and Technology as part of the process.

Before the annual visit:

· Review organizational strategic plan

· Review IT strategic plan

· Review IT policies and procedures, IT organization chart, and Application Matrix for changes since last visit


During the onsite visit (1 day):

· Meet with CEO and Board Chair to  understand any changes to organizational strategies since last visit

· Meet with key business leaders to review  strategies and determine current “state of IT”

· Meet with key IT personnel to determine changes since last visit


Follow-up visit (1 day):

· Present findings and recommendations

What I Will Do



If IT Strategic Plan was developed with SII within 13 months:


Year 1 = $7500

Year 2—5 = $5500


If IT Strategic Plan was not developed with SII (or was developed more than 13 months prior):


Year 1 = $10,000

Year 2—5 = $5500


*Prices are for services only; expenses are billed as incurred

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