What It Is

Developing an IT strategic plan is a process—and it starts with understanding the organizational strategic plan. Once I understand where the organization wants to go, I will help you to determine what role IT should play and where to focus your resources. The IT strategic plan document will focus on the three core areas: People, Processes, and Technology and will be a long-term roadmap.

Before the onsite visit:

· Review organizational strategic plan

· Review IT strategic plan

· Review IT policies and procedures

· Review IT organization chart

· Review Application Matrix


During onsite visit(s) (1-4 days):

· Meet with CEO and Board Chair to clearly understand organizational strategies and goals

· Meet with key business leaders to determine strategies and “state of IT”

· Meet with key IT personnel to assess skillsets, “reality vs. policy”, infrastructure readiness, etc.


Follow-up visit (1 day):

· Present findings and recommendations

What I Will Do



Pricing for this service is customized for each client. The number of hours required is directly related to the size and complexity of the organization and will be clearly outlined in our proposal; however, as a general guideline, this service requires between 80-200 hours.



*Prices are for services only; expenses are billed as incurred

Don Lewis

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IT Strategic Plan Development