Ready to select your new system? Need help developing and executing a selection process that will stand up to Board scrutiny? I can help bring together the right people from your organization and the right processes from my years of experience.

System Selection Services

My Services

Don Lewis

President & Founder

I offer a number of services to assist with aligning your IT function with your Business Goals. Some services have fixed, standard components (such as our QuickAlign assessments) while others are highly customizable to fit the needs of your organization. Please feel free to contact us with questions about any of the services.

My Services

A structured, fixed-price, and time-sensitive package of services to provide you with a high-level assessment of the level of alignment between IT and the organization.

QuickAlign Assessments

Do you need to keep your IT function running while recruiting a new CIO or to stabilize a “rocky ship” before you bring a new CIO onboard? If so, I can provide custom Interim CIO services for your organization.

Interim CIO Services

Are you a small organization that needs CIO experience regularly, but doesn’t need a full-time CIO? If so, I can develop a plan to provide these services on a regular, intermittent basis.

On-Demand CIO Services

A customizable package of services to help  clearly define the IT strategies needed to support the business goals of the organization.

IT Strategic Plan Development