My Philosophies

Don Lewis

President & Founder

My Philosophies

Consulting Philosophy


I believe in clearly defining the goals and scope of the services and then delivering on them. While I want to partner with your organization and be able to provide services to you in the future, I do not want to “live” in your organization forever like some consultants.


Technology Function Philosophy


The technology function in an organization consists of two sub-functions that I call ”Keeping the lights on” (operational) and “Moving the business ahead” (strategic). While the operational component is necessary to survive, both components are necessary to grow an organization. My services focus on the strategic component, while taking the operational component into account.


Technology Philosophy


The specific technology chosen rarely matters; people and processes are much more important. Being involved in choosing the technology **is** important to people, so a solid selection process is critical to success.


Business Philosophy


Successful business is built on relationships and trust. I am here to help you—sometimes just to answer a quick question you may have, or provide a referral to someone with an expertise outside of my area, or to provide you with useful information (such as web links, white papers, blogs, etc). Not everything I do has a price tag attached to it.


Work Philosophy


Do good work. Enjoy doing it. Play when possible. Enjoy life. Find balance. I believe in working hard and producing great results, but I don’t believe in burning people out.