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System Selection Service

What It Is

When it is time to choose a new or replacement system, I can help with the process. Time spent correctly evaluating the organization needs, the readiness of people and processes, and the cultural fit with the vendor all contribute to a smoother implementation and post-implementation period. The selection process focuses on the three core areas: People, Processes, and Technology.

The Process

· Determine needs by talking to key business leaders who will use, influence, and/or be influenced by the system

· Determine which needs are outliers and which are addressed by the majority of systems on the market

· Provide a high-level “cultural readiness” assessment

· Provide a high-level “process readiness” assessment

· Recommend a “short list” of potential vendors

· Develop (as appropriate) an RFP for submission to vendors

· Facilitate review of RFP responses and vendor narrowing

· Assist with preparation of Reference Site questionnaires

· Facilitate final vendor selection/recommendation process

What I Will Do



Pricing for this service is customized depending on your needs. The number of hours required is directly related to the type and complexity of the system being considered and will be clearly outlined in our proposal; however, for planning purposes, a departmental system (such as a General Ledger) might take 150 hours while an enterprise system (such as an ERP system) might take 400-500 hours.


*Prices are for services only; expenses will be billed as incurred

Don Lewis

President & Founder