Don Lewis

President & Founder


My Value Proposition: I will help determine how best to align your IT strategy and operations with your business goals.


The core belief in all my work is that the Information Technology function must be aligned with the Business in order to obtain value from technology investments.

But how does an organization create this alignment? By focusing on three core components:

óPeople (who define Culture)

The development and alignment of these core components begins with the creation of an IT strategic plan that is derived from the organizationís strategic plan. While organizations often devote considerable time and resources to addressing the Technology component, studies (and my own experiences) show that the People and Process components are more critical to the success or failure of a project.

My company, Strategic Intersect, provides services that address each of these areas. Click
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If your IT function is not aligned with your business or your technology projects are not bringing value, please contact me so we can discuss how to address your concerns.